Anyone else having strange problems with their Katana meter?

For some reason it seems to be going up much slower now and I find myself with the meter full when starting missions. Is that how it was supposed to go nowadays?

To quote myself:

This is actually a balance update to Braver that hadn't been implemented yet because it was added to the JPN server after the NA release; it was apparently implemented with the Ep.4 update for the Global version, but it was not addressed in the patch notes. Here are the relevant changes:

Katana Focus

  • Adjusted the skill so that the damage dealt in its un-released state is increased:
    • Focus Lv.0: +35% Damage (previously +0%)
    • Focus Lv.1: +38% Damage (previously +5%)
    • Focus Lv.2 or Focus Released: +40% Damage (previously lv.2 at +10%, and Released at +40%)
  • Released state gives a 30% increase to MEL-Pwr, calculated using everything except your weapon's MEL-Pwr.
  • Katana Focus will be maxed at the start of the Quest, and the Focus gain rate is reduced.

Counter / Counter Edge

  • Counter and Counter Edge's power will no longer be affected by Katana Focus. Its power will now be at the maximum power value prior to this change.
  • Counter will no longer consume Focus when Katana Focus is not released.

Katana Focus Boost

  • PP Recovery will be increased even if Katana Focus is not released.

Basically, Katana now has a higher general damage increase, and the released state is less do-or-die for DPS. Additionally, various Potentials and S-Grade Augments have had their effects modified as a result of these changes.