Episode 4 is still not done...

A warning to those who think they can just plough through the story in one go since I just finished half an hour ago. Even though we got more to go through it still ends in a cliffhanger once you fight the main story's boss.

I'm beginning to feel like when the game/devs ask you to go through the story as part of a campaign it means they're finished and you can go through it with no cliffhangers. But for now anyone who already went through the first part of it will find themselves waiting for more after this one. Now I know a little bit of how FFXIV players feel when they go through post content.

I imagine they just wanted to hold off on Chapter 8 for the week they release the corresponding UQ (which is technically an epilogue).

Okay if the remaining chapter is more of an epilogue, then it just gives me more proof that what happened at the end is going to lead to Episode 5, since the whole setting will change.

just know by the end of q3 they promised episode 5, q3 ends next month, so by next month episode 4 and 5 will both be finished and we'll have our enchanted forest and yamato rematch.

@Guilrel No, the UQ is part of the epilogue for Chapter 8 and Episode 4 as a whole. Episode 4 is pretty much self-contained and wraps up with Chapter 8; very little of it has an impact on the larger story of Episode 5.

The game's story is separated into 3 sagas: Oracle Saga (Episode 1, 2, and 3), Earth Saga (Episode 4), and [Spoiler] Saga (Episode 5 and 6).

just call 5 and 6 the after saga since there making ngs im guessing thats basically going to be ep 7.

@Kurumi-Tokisaki I think they will just release the first part of episode 5 next month. Remember that Episode 6 part 1 is coming in December, so that is some months in between the release of Episode 5 and 6. They may stagger episode 5 out a bit. Though episode 5 is when we should get equipment that is better than what we have now.

@dragonelete The Episode 5 and 6 saga has a name, but it is just a spoiler for the overarching connective tissue for it that I don't personally want to ruin for new players, thus the [Spoiler].

yea but for now we can call it the after saga until we are able to say the actual name.

Be happy with what you have. JP it took over a year for the whole story to release, one chapter at a time.

The last chapter is connected to next week's UQ so that is likely why.

@GamerKillance Story-wise, it is actually Chapter 7 -> Lunar Phantasm Matriarch UQ (next week's featured UQ, and it is technically a side-story) -> Chapter 8 -> Final Episode 4 boss UQ (which I imagine will be the feature UQ for the week of September 2nd). .