Fresh Finds Shop Down

The FF Shop is down the day after update, this is the second time.

yep down for me as well

@Ragnawind thank you, on the game itself it specifically tells us to come the "players site" for information about it being down, they should change that if this isn't where we actually find out then

Yeah, and still down on Thursday.

I'm pretty thankful for this just because I want to ride out the SG Scratch some more without temptation. lol

Second? Naw. At least the fourth time now.

Look Sega, I pay for both a seasons pass and premium, just perma ban those abusing a system and give back the damn FF shop, Im tired of waiting and paying for a service accessible by all to get the "fk you" by a select few apes.

ban them, fix the issue and allow us the people who pay your bills to buy your currency to enjoy ourselves.