Forgotten Password

Hello. I wanted to get to the Personal Shop so I could by myself some emotes. Turns out that I actually forgot my password. If there's a situation to this, Please let me know.

Submit a ticket through support. I believe this is the official way to reset your password. I only know because I am in the same boat ;_;

Forgot mine too 🤦♂

how do you submit a ticket? theres only option to contact them and its taking forever to get feedback, and took forever to just find a section

You have to wait for your support ticket to be answered. There's no other way, and it will not change to be any easier. Here's how you get to the support contact request form:

  • Hover over SUPPORT at the top of this page.
  • Go down to CONTACT US
  • Click / Tap CONTACT US NOW
  • Login with Steam or Xbox (Which you used to login to the forums with anyway.)
  • Click / Tap "Submit a request" at the top of the page left of your avatar / username.