Help im being stalked on steam forums and here. Report already went out.

Close this thread mods. Question answered.

Also do something about the stalker.


We need IP bans.

Not sure why this was bumped but lol never even noticed OP dropped their spaghetti and changed their topic out of embarrassment, I don't have to stalk anyone to see their posts on pretty much the 2nd official forum this game has (steam forum) and here.

Oh! Lol. You were the "stalker" in question? It was only a few posts down and I didn't realize this section of the forum is kind of a ghost town. Mostly I'm beating the IP bans drum for the botting problem, though it would also be effective if someone did have an actual stalking situation where they're starting to dig up personal information and make threats, hypothetically speaking.

I assume he must be talking to me as I outed him and he didn't like that enough to edit his posts here and the topic thread as a cry for help on being stalked as if I went out of my way to find his facebook or something when it's actually his post on the steam forums for this game. I just 99% of the time use the recent link at the top of the forum to check discussions (as honestly this forum doesn't move that fast) and I also check the steam one at the same time. The bot problem has to be dealt with sure but this is unrelated haha.