Focus and Focus Gauge?

I see a lot of stuff on the Skill Trees talking about Focus and the Focus Gauge. But, I have not been able to find anything online or in the game explaining what Focus or the Focus Gauge even are. So if someone could explain to me what Focus and the Focus Gauge are and what they are good for, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

because it was translated with a different name is not wonder that you didn't find info about it, if is about the focus of the Hunter it works like this, the higher it is the faster you charge the PAs however hunter focus keeps decreasing when they are not in combat, for fighter the higher is the focus more damage they will cause

Ok. That answers one of my questions. (The question of "What is it good for?) Thank you for answering that question. The other questions (at the moment anyway) are: What IS Focus exactly? and Where do I find the Focus Guage?

Focus comes from the appropriate Skill on your Tree; for example, on the Hunter Tree there are the Sword Focus, Partisan Focus, and Wired Lance Focus:

alt text

Once you take the Skill, then you will see the Gauge above your Weapon on your palette:

alt text

The appearance of the Gauge can vary among weapons, but it will always be in the same place.

For reference, these are the classes with Focus Skills and which weapons they are for:

  • Hunter: Sword, Wired Lance, Partisan
  • Fighter: Doublesaber, Twin Daggers, Knuckles
  • Gunner: Twin Machineguns
  • Techter: Wand
  • Braver: Katana
  • Bouncer: Soaring Blades, Jet Boots

Ok. Thank you for explaining that. My only other questions would be: How fast does the gauge increase and decrease? If I only do the Daily Missions and Urgent Quests (which at the moment are the only things I do where I battle enemies), would that be enough to make getting those skills worth it?

@Tec-9-IceFox The conditions and speed for the Gauge filling and draining vary by weapon (for example, Jet Boots Focus increases with both charging Techs and dealing damage and drains over time, but Partisan Focus only increases when guarding and during the flourishes after attacks and only goes down when using PAs). And yes, you always want to take the Focus Skills for the weapons you use; much like Stances, Weapon Focus Skills are essential Skills.

Well the Only weapon I have ever used is the Sword. So If someone could explain Sword Focus and it's mechanics (like how @AndrlCh explained Jet Boots Focus and Partisan Focus), I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions. The game doesn't really explain anything about stuff like this. (Or if it does, I have no clue where it explains it.) Heck, if i wasn't for me playing Phantasy Star Universe in the past, I wouldn't have even known what a Photon Art was when I started playing PSO2.

@Tec-9-IceFox Sword Focus is simple: you increase the Gauge by attacking, with certain attacks and PAs filling it faster (for example, if you also take the Hunter Focus Boost Skill, a single Sonic Arrow can nearly max it), and it drains over time when not attacking. The benefits of it are increased damage, attack range, number of targets hit per attack, and PA charge speed.

Ok. I'm still having trouble completely understanding it and keeping all of this information straight in my head, but at least I have these explanations to go back to for help. Thank you so much.