Invisible SG Furniture Causing Room to never load and crash game


I am writing this forum post because I have tried reaching out more than 3 times to support by creating tickets with no response to any. My friends have reached out to moderators of the game and the moderators say to reach out to support.. so as you can see its a cycle that leads nowhere. With this post, I am hoping I can achieve some help with this fix or at least a response from any support with an estimate of time as to when it can be fixed.

Everytime I try to load into my room, I get an infinite loading screen that eventually crashes the game. This will happen to anyone that attempts to go into my room. I am on Ship 1 Feoh and both my player id name and character name is "Julia". If you want to test this bug, just try visiting my PQ.

This is really affecting my daily gaming experience because of the recent releases and crafting features. You need to be in your PQ in order to access these features.

The very root cause that is making my room not load is probably the new SG crafting furniture as well as SG item exchange that causes those furniture to be invisible or bugged. It could be any of the following items in my room causing this: Episode 3 Poster Episode 1+2 Poster Ep3 Visual Poster A Ep3 Visual Poster B Ep3 Visual Mat Mikoto E Matoi Poster S Craft EX Maker (From SG Shop) S Craft TECH Maker (From SG Shop) S Craft TIME Maker (From SG Shop) S Craft ART Maker (From SG Shop)

I spend quite a bit to support PSO2 and am a very invested player. Am hoping with some kind of reassurance or response from your staff. Please help me :(?

Much appreciated

Good luck with that. Honestly. I’m not sure when you joined this little club but if you play on the console then it’s been a recurring thing for over 2 months now and has been utterly ignored thus far. If you play with PSO tweaker then lucky for you a player who was kind hearted enough by the name of Aida-Enna was able to find a patch to use with the tweaker app to remove the poster from the room and can be found on one of the other threads the have popped up over this whole issue. I believe it was started by AgNinja8 and it’s like halfway down the 3rd? page. Hopefully you play PC and this works for you otherwise you’ll be stuck with the few of us that paid for several months of premium is advance and are suffering for it.