AC Scratch Ticket Poll

With almost 8 years of costumes and cosmetics there are a lot of items people want to see in game. Let the community pick which AC Scratch ticket they want released for the following week. This does not have to be from all the tickets since ticket release is themed around the episode release, but maybe let us pick from a set selection.

I mean they're pumping them out pretty quick. We're on track to be up to date by NG so I don't know if this is really necessary but wouldn't mind. Hopefully we actually get everything though and not have outfits censored or never end up coming at all because NA morals.

@Zenny That is very true, its pretty cool that we get a new scratch every week, but i was looking through past JP scratches and there are so many cosmetics i want to get my hands on ASAP. I guess im just impatient haha.