As a Gunblader...

I performed lots of testing against the rockbear for this, but consistently the ranged damage is outdone by melee. An example of this is that gun pp Regen is 70% ranged attack while melee is 200% melee attack.

I'm sure most people who run gunblade aren't making a gun build, but if you recall the gunblade class in JP was advertised. And the presenter stated we should be building ranged attack(along with the character being shown is using ranged attack at 5k while melee is 3.5k)

I'm waiting on the actual tree to show up before fully converting, but it somewhat makes me sad that I went through all the numbers, scaling, and found that the base gunblade is so borked to one side.


New Class "coming soon" Main focus is Gunblade

From the random videos, out there, looks pretty solid in DPS/APM and high mobility and decent plausible suitability

Yep. That's what I'm happy about. Just the current dmg with how they announced it in the JP stream makes me do 3/4 possible dmg atm before fighter/hunter bonus potency before Luster comes out if I want to prepare for it with austere units

@Riesz that's interesting. I did a dps based on the frames until the ja interval. Focusing purely on one side shows the dmg of moves like thrillsplosion being the highest, aimed fire is definitely up there too. I didn't do combined dmg calcs due to if you focus on scaling one way the other side might be found minuscule.

Also I do great dmg still don't get me wrong. I'm just saying mathematically the ranged attack is overall less even counting the dmg being headshot dmg at all times.

The reason I'm focusing on one side is purely because Luster, at least said by the presenter, says at like the 8 minute mark that everyone should focus on ranged. So if you go one sided, it's much more optimal to stay melee until then. I don't recall etolie, but I'm not necessarily 100% thinking they would do a summoner strike summoner ranged with gunblade...but who knows

Oh. Also forgot to say that my testing was done at even stats. I used armor with +stats to find scaling and found it similar, albeit still in melee favor by around 1% more or so. No skills on the classes I used due to reset pass.