Personal Shop is empty

For context, I made a list of all the things i wanted to buy from the personal shop. i would always return to check if there was a 'sale' on an item or clothing as so on. I noticed sometimes when i would move to a populated block i would find more of the items but lately that hasnt worked to find items in the shop. Now it seems like the items from the personal shop that are for sale have dropped by 80%. most of the items i wanted to buy dont appear at all. i can see some weapons and harvesting materials but practically no cosmetic stuff despite there being hundreds in each category. If the seller is offline does their item not show up? i dont think this is the case but all i can figure is that if a server is undergoing maintenance then most of the items just drop off and disappear for a while. If anybody knows why this is happening i would appreciate some clarity. THX (p.s. for reference, i am pc na)

The items for the personal shops should be the same, regardless of which block you are on (they are Ship wide). I haven't noticed this issue myself, as any items I search for always show up the same, regardless of the block I am searching the terminal from.

Is it possible you have the rarity set too high or a subcategory selected? I've accidentally clicked the rarity to 15 before and noticed when no items showed up.

I wish that were the case but i double checked that first and every time i exit it resets those parameters anyway. thanks anyway. ive been saving for a rare item and now that i can afford it (and others) they wont show T_T

@RedGeraniumWolf I'm so sorry I couldn't help. Hopefully, someone else will see this who knows what is happening.

Hi everyone! Just want to inform you that I'll be moving this thread in the technical section. 😊

Is this when you are doing candidate searches (ie. put in a partial or full item name and then hit the "Candidate Search" button next to the search field), or when you are browsing/doing direct searches (ie. ignoring the "Candidate Search" and just using the categories or just hitting one of the search buttons at the bottom after entering an item name)? If it is the former, then it is likely the items you are looking for are just being pushed out of the item name cache, and you just need to do a direct search instead; if it is the latter, I'm not sure what to tell you.

@ѕαƒƒуяє-ѕкує no worries, i appreciate the help. been playing since gamecube days too and i was so psyched to finally be able to enjoy da pso2 again

@AndrlCh im in NA so the names might be a bit different but i think i understand. - as i enter the PERSONAL SHOP i then enter into PRODUCT SEARCH. after this i input a partial name (as always) and then hit the SEARCH icon directly next to the bar. that then pulls up the CANDIDATE LIST to the right. This is where i am getting failed searches now. - What is the item name cache? i am a very new player (as you might tell) and dont know how this works. THX m8

@RedGeraniumWolf So I'll break it down a bit.

Item names are stored in a list that is saved client side (ie. on your computer). This list (ie. the Item Name Cache) has limited capacity, and as this capacity is met, item names are removed from it to be able to save new ones (new names are added as you see the items in-game, like when you open the Prize List for the AC Scratch).

The Candidate List uses this Cache to present you options based on what you have typed into the search field, but this means that any item name that is purged from the Cache will no longer show up in the Candidate List.

However, even if the item is missing from the Cache, you can still search for the item; it requires you have the exact name of the item (not partial) and then you need to hit "Search by Price" or "Search by Order Put Up for Sale" at the bottom, completing ignoring the Search>Candidate List function. This also has the side effect of adding the item back into the Cache (and by extension, the Candidate List).

@AndrlCh Gotcha. i actually discovered that 'fix' as i was messing around with the shop. they seemed to be populating again so thanks for your explanation! it makes sense now. i wonder... does this tend to happen every maintenance? it seemed to be a big purge all of a sudden. again thanks.