Show off your best loot acquired from PSO2 Closed Beta!

Tell us about your best drops! I was able to farm out 4 Red Double Sabers in the beta! 🙂 RedDoubleSaberIcon.png

7 Star. Statistics

S-ATK +0 314 +10 549 Red Recalescence Lv. 1 Boosts damage when using extended weapons by 14%.

Screenshot_20200304-102044.png Screenshot_20200304-101946.png Screenshot_20200304-101840.png Red wand urgent quest dio something dual blades nt partisan and have some swords used a bunch of them to power up my last survivor put all of them together

@RETNEC-EKALB razenolk nt 7 star dio adeliade 11 star red wand 7 star i did get megid also tho from urgent quest hard mode

@HAVOC308 awesome weapon i need to farm and get one

The best I got was a Last Survivor, I didn't even grind the thing enough for its proc to add another few percentage points to my Iron Will because I was hoping for better to drop. Now that I'm actually looking at swords on the wiki, it's actually really really good for a seven star and I should have treated it with more respect. Last Survivor Sword

Lightning Espada - 13* All Class weapon. We got lucky with a PSE burst during a cradle UQ. Can't equip it yet, need more base stats.

Landed me a psycho wand on the last falz mission!

No idea. Dont remember what I had. Just got a rainbow knuckle drop, and using a 14* on jp though

I can't remember either.. I know it was a Rifle from one of the Urgent Quests I could use... then the other ones were too high for me.