[NA] [Ship 2] Fuit Gummy | Casual LGBT+ Friendly Alliance Looking for Members!

Leader: Prominis

Type: Casual, Chill, Newbie Friendly

Active Timezone(s): NA (EST)

Alliance Requirements: None! Just don't be a jerk.

About us:

Fuit Gummy is a new, extremely casual alliance looking for some more members! We are LGBT+ friendly and welcome anyone as long as they're nice. I am a newbie myself so this alliance is more for people who want to learn the game together and have a small group of folks to play with without stress. No requirements whatsoever (including social--if you're shy, don't feel pressured to talk!), just be kind. I'd like to set up a Discord server sometime in the future once there are more members! Just shoot me a PM or hmu in-game if you'd like to join. Thanks and hope to see some of you there!

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