Hello everyone,

I tried several days to go into my ship for the transfer to the Steam version, but i just getting the message after selecting my ship with: "authentificate ID" right after "disconnected from the server"

I have the up to date version of PSO2. i already uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I have currently both version of Steam and MS on my PC, but i removed Steam for testing, but it doesn't helped. I have already restarted my PC and the Router. I checked the firewall and Antivirus program. I even disabled both and still the problem occur. my IPv6 is not broken. I used even the Google DNS and it doesn't help. I was lastly online before like 2 months cuz it appeared another problem with updating and i lost the interest for PSO2 first. The game knows my Xboxlive account, cuz it show me my Gamertag on the titlescreen. It doesn't let me in any ship and it tells me the "first player" message before i can select a ship, because i reinstalled it.

Have anyone else the problem and exist a solution to this? Are the developer informed about this? Does the game dont want you to tell you, you are banned it the first time?

With sincerest regard


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