Ep4 has nothing to grind for?

The best weapons and gear I can get from this recent Ep is.. the same gear and weapons I had from the last Ep? Is that right?

Seems like it was a mistake giving us nemesis/slave weapons so soon, because I basically have nothing to grind for now.

I recently got a 13* Ares drop from Beach Wars, and was like "meh.. maybe I'll get 400k for it?"

It's all so underwhelming. It sucks. The only thing I can do to improve my character is tech customization?


@Gurgles ares can be combined with nemesis/slave/invade to make 15*austere in the future, so don't feel too bad about it (also note that each weapon must be +35). but i believe you are right that nemesis/slave outdates most early episode 4 content because they implemented the newtype nemesis/slave rather than the oldtype, though i'd appreciate confirmation from someone else as well

@Gurgles Can you post a picture if that Ares drop? We shouldn't have any of the actual Ares weapons in the game yet since the ones we would have (the NT ones) are 14☆s, not 13☆s.

@lily-rain Indeed, the Nemesis and Slave weapons we have are the NT versions that were implemented ~5 months into Episode 5, and were even best-in-class at that time.