Is there any list of recent JP updates which were imported to global server with the EP4 update?

The previous EP4 update introduced many changes on JP server, like the change of Braver Katana focus or addition of stationary Rockbear practice. Is there any comprehensive list of such changes?

All we know is whatever class changes, monster redesigns and weapon changes were all added when NA(global now) came out. All we're waiting on is the content now.

drink buff changes (20% -> 50%)

the latest battle arena balance

pretty much the 3/25/2020 balance changes, but we can't test the other parts of it anyways.

All right, if there isn't a list with all changes yet, maybe I'll try making one. Thank you both!

drink buff changes (20% -> 50%) Wait so the large shifta drink gives a 50% attack boost?

@Scyric It gives you Pwr equal to 50% of your base Pwr (ie. not counting Pwr from your equipment). So, if you have 1000 base MEL-Pwr, the large Shifta Drink effect will give you an extra 500 MEL-Pwr.