Terrible and toxic people making the game terrible for others?

Since playing the Global version, I feel perpetually observed when I am in the lobby, sometimes I have been insulted by some folks PM me not to create characters with the minimum height because is a crime or something. My character is 150cm.

I was in Ship1. Then I eliminated the character, and I played in Ship4, people are less toxic there, I'm actually lvl 64 bouncer

Ship 4 is probably the best place for those having issues in other ships because it's so new. Most of the older players or PS fans are on 1-3.


Thanks. Yeah many forget that most people in the game as a whole keep to themselves. Most times i get in conversations because people comment on my cool chars 🍕 (shameless self promo, yup!)

Just an hour ago that happened, and one person started throwing up dik pics. i could have started crying and feeling 'toxicated' ...but..nah, im grown, i was like eww. Then i changed the subject and then peace'd out. If you're going to hang out in the lobby, you're gonna come across characters (literally).

Unfortunately there's a ton of people that are attracted to mmo's because the ability to make a new 'life', trying to escape the challenges of real life...but that kind of hiding doesnt really work much and it catches up with you...like it did for OP.

On the same note, ive been around many that have suffered depression or minimum success in life and mental health issues, so its key not to talk down to them while still give them real world advice. Sometimes "man-up!" is a harsh, but also necessary response. empower them to take on challenges and become better versions of themselves.


@ARKHAM-CANNON Lmao nice. And yeah, I totally agree. I think people can be bullies for no good reason in-game (not memeing, but actually trying to break people down or create dumb cliques) and I always hate seeing that. But if people are going to throw lame insults your way or be silly, you have to learn that that's just the real world and that you have to learn to roll with the punches sometimes. And also that how other people act isn't always a reflection of you.

This is something I've noticed and I'm not out to name and shame, but I'm curious what others think:

The JP vets have been really helpful so far with guiding a lot of us players new to NA, but I've also noticed that it seems like a good chunk of the toxicity is coming from less than positive or friendly JP vets. I have to be honest, I didn't see any real flaws with the game until the JP players started getting riled up about things. Some of these things end up reaching us misinformed as well, which in turn shapes our opinions unfairly. It seems like the anger at NA for not being JP reaches its tentacles into so many aspects of the community, but it's not something new players are creating.

As far as this game and PSO anything is concerned,...nothing can be worse than the PSU community. I miss that game so much, but I don't miss the players. Holy cow, 'toxic' doesn't even begin to accurately describe those people.

I've been playing for maybe 3 days I think, and been to the blocks o doom that has been mentioned and all I've seen so far is my screen being photonblasted by meseta bot chat boxes. At this point, I just let the game dump me on random blocks.

In regards to the above post, errr all I can say, the JP version is that way>>>> and has waay more content. Makes no sense for some of them to be angry at NA for not being JP, when they can easily ship out.

Some people just want to see the world burn.

When I created a New character on ship 01 , I wanted a real adventure, I wanted to run dungeons just for fun and hopefully maybe with some fellow guild-mates or others that had the same mentality.

What I had to face was the constant invites to ERP, im not going to lie, it was one after another. i'm not going to go into to details, But to summarize - I just got fed up with it, the guild I was in in ship 01 was falling apart, lots of finger pointing . So I made the transition to ship 03. It's been a breath of fresh air, a new alliance, Players that are genuinely and eager to participate in Uq's and alliance activities.

My guess is it only happens with girl characters. I dont play female characters and none of this happened to me. Ive come to meet people who rp on ship 1, but purely militar stuff.

The huge depravity and lack of maturity is what it makes me doubt upon entering the rp community or not in this game... But it might be the shitty echii/porn minority hurting the whole picture.

@Dragon-Cloud Yes and no. I have 1 female character and I also play with my sister who uses mainly female characters. They tend to harass us more as females especially her. But going by the internet that is just normal. As for the fact I think almost everyone now just considers all female characters mostly played by males.

Now if I use my male troll characters, (mainly how they look) I get a lot of hate for them and harassment. Mind be I am using only a swim suit for 1 male, and the cast looks like a Gundam.

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. They tend to harass us more as females especially her. But going by the internet that is just normal.

Not for me at all. been playing with women (sisters and friends) online in a lot of games since ages and it usually doesnt happens. Idk which type of internet has people in this forum, but its not the first time I hear that somehow, so it might be a thing depending on zone difference (Im not from the US)

Yeah, for me in this game all female characters are men, due to the fashion nature biased on that gender and the shonen anime community mostly.

@Dragon-Cloud Maybe. I know that when we play other games that aren't gender picking games, especially if they use mic, the game changes drastically to hormonal kids and immature people trying to get some sort of reaction.

But it is fairly common in NA. I know countries like in Central America, females play females and males play males typically.

@ERICK001BC Yeah, playing with mic in a random group tend to make people act like shit, women and men alike

@DDDDLife I have both male and female characters. I get called cool on my male character, and I get hit on when I'm on my female characters. I guess I just make attractive(?) characters or something. The best solution is to get your hands on the "I'm a boy " Symbol art, and just pop that bad boy any time someone invites you to ERP. It usually causes the person in question to shut down and stop playing, regardless of who's on the other end.

In the rare event that this instead backfires, just book it into another block, lmao. In all seriousness it doesn't happen often enough to be a large issue, but it does happen enough to be noticed. I'm on ship 3 by the way, so you've been lucky not to have the odd person hit on you. I mean, nobody really knows who's on the other end of the screen, so it's kind of odd to try and hit on someone, or try to rope them into erp anyway, as you don't know if you will have a genuine real world interest in them, or vise versa, with the person that's being hit on, or asked to erp. It's just something you don't do.

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I dont know how it was for others, but in previous MMORPG games I used to play, chats usualy had moderators filtering the chat, giving strict bans to toxic players, the chats and the enviroments we're free from toxicity.

we have had that in EuRo (european ragnarok) - we could call a GM and talk to him about literally anything and he would look into it asap - same was for bots...they had their own bot hunting team in EuRo with a pikachu sign "gotta catch em all" ... nobody in ragnarok would say things like "you fucking noob you suck i hate you kill yourself" - you get what i mean

as far as i know (i rarely encounter those) ship one got very few toxic players

If you are talking of the original EuRo, that was me!

I was the Spanish/Italian MGM and actively participated in the bot hunts, my staff name was Alphard.

God, if I could do on pso2 what I could do in EuRo, 60% of players would be losing their chatting privileges faster than you can say:

"I swear it was not me who cheated, it was my little brother who logged into my account"