Terrible and toxic people making the game terrible for others?

Just say your welcome! Always works on everything!

I've had maybe two players I've dealt with that thought they were gods at the game. Acted like everyone needed to respect them and do what they say.

Beyond that I haven't had community issues. That said I'm not on ship 1 or 2 either.

@Charus said in Terrible and toxic people making the game terrible for others?:

I'm pretty sure you are guys are familiar with those toxic people at chat.

Look, I'm fairly new to this game, playing only for about 2 weeks or less. But my experience chatting with others has been terrible. Honestly, there are 2 times in the game where I was toxic chat targeted, and their answer is always the same "It's the internet, you are not safe from it", which is hugely ironic, because those same people think they are safe on the internet to cause distress in the chats for me and for other players also.

I dunno, many players just dont care, they tell you off to "Toughten up" which is just dismissive of other's misfortunes. I'm seriosuly legit scared to chat with other players in the chat because one time I was called out "You suck" when I felt frustrated for failing to defeat a buss at super hard difficulty and also previously I was called "Virgin" just because I said something in the chat they dont like when they spammed their disgusting hentai images. (People still use "Virgin" unironicaly as an insult).

After trying to get the message of "Mature up" to others (Which obviously fails to get through their thick skull), I was started to be compared to another random long-term player in the game that was named "Vitamin" or something as a means of degradation and mockery, which just speaks words of how toxic all of this is.

This is just beyond sad, bunch of grown ass manchildren being an complete act and trying to be tough on a random anime MMORPG game chat is just pathetic, I would pity them, but unfortunately they dont deserve it.

The forum isn't any better. In fact it might be worse. 😕

There are a lot of people that play the game that are only there to share porn and ERP or to just act really stupid. It's usually limited to blocks 1, 2, and 69 or cringey autochats during missions. Honestly if they call you a virgin, it's just projection. Judging by how they act regarding those topics, I really doubt most of those people are even old enough to play the game.

All that being said though, the rest of us think it's dumb and ignore it. If you're in a chill alliance, it can totally change your perspective of the community which is nice.

@ERICK001BC You could say that again. lol Thankfully the solution of blocking people improves the experience both in-game and on the boards.

I feel your pity , WHen I first started this game, I was "Pleased as punch " and eager to get into this game. My first day I too was victimized chatzied and how terrible of a player I was, I couldn't even ask questions on what works and where to find NPC vendors. I never thought I would feel so lonely in an MMO. I see it all the time, those that claim that the ESRB rating does apply for those that are just completely unruly in game. saying derogatory words and displaying very suggestive SA's of debauchery.
You just gotta find a Good alliance, there are tons of great people here, some of which I often "buddy" up with and we always have a blast doing HAQ"S and they really helped me achieve higher levels of my characters.

Just my two cents on this, but I'm more in the camp of the 'toughen up' crowd. Don't get me wrong, life, and the internet are full of jerks. I'm also one of the older gaming gen, AO, EQ, and one thing I've noticed is that there are some that have unrealistic expectations of others in social settings. MMORPG's count as one of those. 'Toxic' is also a subjective term, because what one person sees as 'tough love' caring, another sees as brutishly harsh or 'toxic'.

Ultimately though, I think one of the best points others have made in the comments comes down to this:

Are you going to let the words of others get in the way of you having fun in the game?

@Charus You worry toooo much... If u had played Tera on release... you would prob have had a total system melt down lol.

@NeCrOmAnCiN Are you sure you want to leave that at just release? lol... I think playing Tera at any point takes anyone into system melt down.

@ardhail2001 lmao, man I remember it being sooo bad... even till this day I cant think of any other mmo, that even comes close.

@NeCrOmAnCiN lol, yeah, even though it's a meme, there was nothing quite like being in a scorched demon wasteland watching an Elin roll up in a cop car, and start blasting. I still bust up.

@ardhail2001 omg I am dieing HAHAHAHA

This is the element of free to play games, it draws players of all different attitudes and mindsets. You can have your casual player who devotes a certain amount of hours in a week to play VS someone who can play any time, for how long they wish. A certain one of the two will "usually" judge the other.

To be fair with the internet a lot of people will have their own opinions and views. Some people do respect others opinions and views, others don't. People tend to think in a relatively narrow and single-minded fashion, feel like there can only be one ‘correct’ opinion which is undoubtedly theirs because they must be right.

If it's a friendly player on the other hand, and if the views expressed are reasonable, sensible and supported by evidence and wisdom they might be worth listening to and striking up a conversation with.

Otherwise you have to develop an immunity to anything toxic.

The toxic players you've encountered are the types of people that would be banned from a private server, always remember that. In community ran private servers of games like this, these people are disapproved of, and have some kind of ego problem stemming from real life issues. Sadly, the answers are as others have said, to ignore these players and find good people to play with.

As for gross symbol arts. Fortunately the block I've been spending most of my time in doesn't flash hentai symbol arts, but occasionally you will get that one new player that thinks it's hilarious, and to be honest this is at fault of SEGA for allowing it in JP. While the symbol chat function in this game is amazing as a tool, it is very exploitable.

@Charus i know who you are talking about and that group lol.