There are campaign items at the visiphone you have not yet received

Still happens even after claiming the items that were given away today.

It's an issue for everyone I think. I've been seeing in game chats asking about it, and I myself have been seeing it. The fresh finds shop is also on the fritz again, so I think there are multiple bugs happening, in relation to the U.I. overall. I say this, because now even talking to some NPC vendors, will result in the game locking up for a couple of seconds, and then a delayed menu. The NPC's themselves, are also taking longer to load in on even almost empty blocks. Seems like the last update, and maintenance, had more issues than previously thought.

Lol I thought I may have won the raffle and it was giving me a hint... Now I'm sad 😞

Same issue here.

How long do issues like these take to fix?