Hello I'm LegendaryNobody, one of the officers for the Alliance Nyau & Forever. We are looking for active players to join our Ship 02 Alliance. Although we are currently a smaller alliance of about 30 people, we are hoping to expand our number of members to have more people to do various runs in the game whether it be SHAQs, EQ, UQ, etc. We have a discord set up for people who wish to post, or use the voice chat servers. It is also set up with a live feed of upcoming Emergency Quests. We would appreciate any one would would join, but using it is not a requirement.

What We Offer:

  • Active Community

  • Discord Server for Communication

  • Photon Tree Current Levels (Attack-8, Defense-5, EXP-8, Meseta-3, Rare-3).

  • Help and Advice for Newcomers to the Game.

  • Upgraded Alliance Base, With Monthly Rotating Themes Decided by Our Members.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Active Players

  • Players Who Complete Alliance Orders to Help Upgrade the Photon Tree

  • Friendly People Looking to Team Up with Other Members.

For anyone looking to join our alliance, please contact me via my PSO2 ID LegendaryNobody, or send me a message here with your PSO2 information. Thank you and have a great day!