[Steam] Game doesn't launch anymore, unanswered ticket


I made a ticket on the 15th regarding an issue where I can apparently no longer launch the game and I have no answer or interaction as of today, the ticket number is "56427".

This worries me because I purchased 30 days Premium subscription after a few days of playing and checking the forums and how apparently support tickets take quite a while to be answered I'm afraid I might miss more subscription time, the extra AC I bought and the current in-game events.

A bit of a summary:

I've been playing PSO2 for about a week already on Windows 10 via Steam without any issues so far, but since the 15th whenever I try to start the game, after the splash screen and the GameGuard window show up, the game closes without any error message and the Play button on Steam lights up again.

I've already tried to "Check File" from the launcher, deleted and reinstalled the game (including the Documents "Sega" folder) but nothing has worked so far.

The original support ticket has attached a zip file with a recording and a dxdiag txt if that is of any help.

Kind regards.

Sounds like something might be killing GameGuard.

If you haven't already, make sure to set your "PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA_STEAM/pso2bin" and the "gameguard" folder within it specifically as exceptions in both your anti-virus program/firewall and Windows Security. You may even have to set each individual file in the "gameguard" folder as exceptions.

Just tested it, both with exceptions and shutting Windows Defender down alongside the firewall, but didn't work. I do also have the feeling it might be something about GameGuard, it's really weird 😢

Did you try checking the Event Viewer logs in Windows after it does this? That could help narrow down the cause. You would normally have to check the system logs and application logs.

@ Ragnawind: It wasn't showing up in Windows's events, no trace at all.

But today while trying to boot a completely different program that was also working, this other program crashed, and did leave a log that led me to what was also causing PSO2 to close, in summary, I fixed it.

I'm honestly worried that Sega Support didn't answer to the ticket yet, I don't want to imagine a more urgent issue and having to deal with this reply speed in the future.