Skill Discs farming from SHAQ: Reliable source of Il techs and other useful PAs?

I mostly want to know the best methods of doing SHAQs to try for the skill discs I want.

Does the RNG "weight" drops more towards skills your Main Class can use? If so I can imagine Force for Ilfoie, Ilbarta, and Ilzonde, with Techter being better for Ilgrants, Ilzan, and Ilmegid.

I absolutely cannot afford millions of meseta for discs I could try for myself in SHAQs, so the more I know about the methods of farming them the better. After all, with a good run cycle, one usually gets more than 10 capsules for the cycle in each run.

Does rare drop rate affect disc drops? Or would it be efficient to just do SHAQs with AI support so I don't need to wait for the room to fill? Is Threat Level a big deal, or can I just run the cycles naturally without using additional capsules?

Thanks for the help and I hope anything shared here helps people who similarly cannot bankrupt themselves on skill discs.

the drop rate of PAs and tech discs is pretty much the same independent of the class, drop rates do affect disc drops so using triboosts or any other form of of raise drop rates it helps

Cool, thanks.

I forget if threat level affects enemy spawns, drop rates, or anything else. I know it's important for XP farming but it's good to know that I don't NEED to roll a specific class to get the disc drops I want/need.

I ended up getting several Photonic Laser 17 discs from Ultimate Quest with my alliance yesterday so that was good for my two characters who will dabble in launchers.