Verification/Counter Measure for Raffle - BOTS

As there are only 300 winners out of 1,000,000 ARKS, there is some concern among actual players in the fleet discord where some of the winners would actually be going to BOT accounts.

Has the PSO2 staff team also consider this or overlooked this?

Then again the possibility of being one of the 300 winners out of a million is pretty low, but who knows how many of the 1,000,000 ARKS are actually bots.

@GoldBird8956276 Event say "Log in at least 5 Time during the Campaign."

BOT just login 1 time per day. And they will change ID always. Or It's never log out after start Spam in Block.

I never see BOT login 5 time and 5 Days in same ID before.

so the reward should get to 'real player'. 😊

Ohh good to know! Thanks for the information.