Rewards via Visiphone bug

Logging into my character, I keep getting erroneous messages saying that I have rewards to collect via the visiphone but when I go to check on it, there isn't anything there. Checking each tab, I'm literally not sure why I'm getting this message, if I change to another character it happens on several alts but doesn't happen on the two alts which I made recently, its strange and I don't get it.

Also, this just started happening after the daily reset.

This has also happened to me on my main account, but not on one of the alts I've just checked.

I'm only missing the 500,000 exp reward (I think, could be an old reward I forgot to claim on the alt account, I don't remember) so I'm not fussed about that, but devs please fix this as soon as because I'm worried this bug could affect other limited time rewards I may get in future that I may miss out on.

Same issue, got the message about unclaimed items but there are no items to claim : /

This started to happen to me too 😖

Same. Kind of annoying

So I'm not the only one suffering this huh? I can only guess it has something to do with the daily casino coin campaign cause I got the other campaign items this patch.

Hopefully the maintenance will fix the issue, several people in my alliance also seem to be affected by it.

Great... i reached A5 in Lag wars ahm PvP and didnt get 50SG ... guess cuze of this bug : /

I logged in to create a topic about this. I'm also getting this message, login in and out didn't help.

@Dáinsleif said in Rewards via Visiphone bug:

Great... i reached A5 in Lag wars ahm PvP and didnt get 50SG ... guess cuze of this bug : /

A bit off-topic, but the SG part of the Battle Arena event is scheduled to be awarded in September...

This post is deleted!

same here idk whats going on with it i checked everything on visiphone nothing there

I'm still receiving the message even after I got all the new items this morning.