Soaring Blades Photon Arts

Does anyone have any idea why the Soaring Blades have only 7 Photon Arts, when every other weapon (excluding the TEC weapons) has 11 (10 for the bow) Photon Arts? I really love using the Soaring Blades, but it feels like half a weapon without as much variety in its use compared to other weapons. I know the idea for Bouncer players is to swap between weapons, but I just don't understand why every other class can comfortably sit on one weapon, while the Bouncer has to play both just to get the most out of the class.

Unfortunately, it's just the way they designed it. In all honesty, for every class, there are only a handful of actually useful PAs, with the majority being superfluous, so I find that having less of a pool of PAs makes it easier to find what works best.

The streamlining of the number of PAs becomes more apparent when you look at how they then handled Summoner (each Pet only gets 5 PAs) and the Scion classes (each of the three weapon types per class only has 4 PAs [just like Jet Boots]).

@AndrlCh I suppose the issue I have with the weapon, is that it has a smaller pool of Photon Arts, while also having the issue of few useful Photon Arts. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the Partizan.