Suggestions from a long time phantasy star fan

Note, some of these suggestions have been suggested already.

Hi I'm Rika. I'm been playing PSO2 for a VERY long time (jp beta). I've played PSU, PSO, and the original phantasy star titles. I bought these suggestions up in points.

1: The fresh finds shop. Items are being charged for sg and are untradeable while in the jp version they cost meseta and are tradeable in their treasure shop. Also the featured items here are AC scratch items now untradeable. It even shows from how you've shut this shop down several times when the featured items were tradeable as originally intended. This seems really cash grabby to me. Why are you putting items here that were originally meseta now for sg when you have tons of sg only items you are trying to release? If you are now asking "well what do we put in here then?" why don't you put some items from the sg scratch in there instead of AC scratch / meseta items? I feel like any items originally intended to be tradeable should stay that way. We have less fashion than jp has, and more of it being untradeable I find to be bad for th game. Also, put the treasure shop in our version like jp has please. Players will probably be a lot happier, least I would be.

tldr: Put some of the scratch sg items into the fresh finds instead (as in only originally sg scratch items) of tradeable items if you are really looking for stuff to sell (instead of putting MORE items into the sg scratch).

freshfinds.jpg SG item = actual SG item, not converted from meseta or AC item A SG item is further defined here: Clicking SG scratch

2: Min height, and the cut scene censorship. Do I want/plan to make my character smaller if I could? No. Does the cut scene bring much to the story? No. However, censorship is bad and you should feel bad. People should be able to customize characters how they like. I could make other arguments but that's the only argument that's important to me. I don't want to support a company that censors things.

3: More microphone options: This is the first only phantasy star game I haven't utilized voice communication. Give us more voice options please. Like push to talk, or just muting ourselves so we can hear other players at least. Also volume options.

4: Please get rid of the bots: I really hope someone is working on this issue. I don't remember many or if any bots on jp.

5: PSO2 ES content: Can you implement ways of getting receptor augments? (soul receptor and factor receptor) since we aren't getting PSO2 ES (I know you added them to weapons in the challenge mode shop, units would be nice too). Also outfits from the characters in the games even if you have to rename the outfits. It does look like Idola is coming and Gene is in it, that could be a excuse to put her outfit in game.

6: Challenge mode: I REALLY like challenge mode. It is some of the best content in the game. I won't play it alone though. Please incentivize players to play it.

7: Removed enemies: If you're gonna remove enemies, please at least put the NX cougar back in the game. It has been in the game a VERY long time. I have no hope for Odin/the monster hunter boss/whatever evangelion brought (please surprise me). More unique enemies are nice. :'D

8: Old type items No, I DON'T want them back (I feel like jp would get rid of them as well if they could get away with it). However there are not many replacements of old type weapons with new types. I know Dark Falz Luther drops the Double Cannon. He doesn't on NA. Turn them into camos, make new type versions of old types not in game available please. Having these weapon skins would be nice.

9: Restoring item "policy" and tickets. If the game glitches out and spends SG, or if someone accidentally deleted something please restore it. I remember reading you guys wouldn't restore a guy's white badges (which he can't get any more of) cause he deleted them not knowing what they were and you wouldn't restore them for him. I've seen people not being able to get into their rooms cause you forgot to put a file for a poster on your patch server. You couldn't remove the item from their room to fix it for them? I've seen people lose sg to "buying" more collection file slots. I don't know if it's a bug in the game or not, but you should refund them. If you don't have the tools to deal with these issues, request to get them. Making a ticket and getting a reply "we can't help you" isn't very helpful. People make tickets cause they have a problem they can't resolve and need help. Help them. Are the long ticket times just you guys typing to everyone "we can't help you". What can you guys help us with, stuff we can resolve on our own already? If I'm wrong, I'm listening. The only useful thing I've seen personally of a ticket is you passing on our voices to the jp devs.

10: Challenge mode part 2: Furthering thinking about challenge mode. Please remove the photon booster in there. I feel like whoever decided to put that in there didn't know about photon boosters being a replacement drop for all other old currencies. Maybe put some limited items like SG or augment aids like casino and battle shop does.

11: Non useable currencies and the absence of shops: Many Astracite don't have a direct turn in. Please implement one. Iritista Rainbow Astracite Syncesta Illusion Astracite have 3 items each specifically for them. Shiva Ash, Burga Bane, and Chandra Lunar Astracite don't have a direct turn in. Kagaseo Phantasmalite has no exchange. Galeru Nadrite and Yurlungur Mechalite also have no exchange. Pleiade Galaxy stones don't have a exchange either (I'm pretty sure they have one on jp, correct me if I'm wrong). I am well aware there shops mostly had old type stuff in them. Come up with a new shop or just put the New type versions of those weapons in them instead (or make camos of them or something).

12: Please have the urgent schedule up on monday: Scheduled things are pointless if the schedule for them isn't up yet.

13: Please put the SG ticket back in the SG shop: I am well aware you get one in 40 pulls, however I find it better to have the SG scratch ticket being buyable for 40 of any sg item would be better. You get lots of what you don't want anyway. Let's say someone just wanted 1 item from the sg scratch. They got it in 30 pulls. They don't want the other 29 items nor do they want to pull 10 more times for the ticket (making 40 pulls total). They should be able to hold onto those sg items and put them toward the next sg scratch they are interested in. Replace the 40 pull ticket with actual scratch bonus items like jp does. Jp has a hair as a bonus for 10 pulls, a camo for 20 pulls, and a pose for 30 pulls atm.

I made this topic cause I want to like this game. I don't want to be playing a cash grab or a game the developers don't care about. I've played PSO (which had a seasonal event the devs couldn't be bothered to change for a longg time on xbox, also couldn't fix peoples billing errors on NA psobb), I've played PSU NA which never caught up to jp and just got cut off when PSO2 jp was announced. I don't want to play a "inferior" game. I have spent many hours playing this game, and many more on the jp version as well. I could just go back to jp I guess or just stop playing though. I mainly play on NA so I could play with my friends.

I want the best for this game and want to, want to play it and support it. Have a nice day and please consider my suggestions!

edit: I tried to space out all of my points, but it's not working. 😞

edit 2: added points 10 through 13 (didn't have time to put them in yesterday), and attached a picture of what the fresh finds shop I'm trying to convey should look like.!

I am going to put a giant I agree stamp on this. Though the bot issue is a tricky one since bots are incredibly difficult to combat. Even games like FFXIV still have issues with them. I also would rather just get PSO2es than just get its reward content.

Added points 10 through 13 (didn't have time to put them in yesterday) and made a picture of the fresh finds shop.