Purchased AC through ms store, I play on steam now and AC isn't showing up

Self explanatory, used to play through the ms store, ac purchases went through right away. Moved to steam because ms store version deleted itself daily, accounts have been linked for a while. Tried an AC purchase for the first time through the ms store and AC is not showing up.

Honestly this game is such a nightmare at every step, I don't know how I've been able to put up with it this long. I can't be the only person this has happened to, anyone else have a solution?

If you purchased it through the Steam store, if it does not appear within 48 hours of purchase, you should be able to submit a request for a refund (just make sure you submit the request before the 48 hours have passed).

I made this purchase through the Microsoft store

ms = Microsoft

Then you are likely out of luck. You can try to submit a support ticket through the PSO2 support site, but from what I have seen, they almost never get back to you on those in a timely fashion, and Microsoft support itself has told people to deal directly with SEGA, though it may have just been that the customer service reps didn't know what to actually do in these cases.

If you purchase AC through the MS store, you have to log in with the Store version of the game for it to show up.

Same goes if you purchase AC through the Steam store, you have to login with Steam client for it to appear.

Xbox Game Pass perks are the same deal. If you redeem them, they don’t show up until you log in with the Store version of the game.

As the above person said. You get the AC the first time you log-in after making the purchase on the platform you bought it on. If you play on the Steam version now, you have to buy the AC on Steam unless you want to switch back to the MS Store version every time you make a purchase on MS Store. On the MS Store, it even tells you that you have to log-in in order to claim it. That is short for, logging into the MS Store version to claim it. They should probably make this more clear and include it in an FAQ or something.