Rappy Fever Bonus Quest Inquiry

Got keys for the Rappy Fever quest. Just trying to confirm something atm that seemed odd.

First time I completed it I was already lv 80 on Gunner and collecting EX cubes for the class quest turn in. I hit the EXP threshold to get one during the quest but found I had somehow acquired 5 of them in the process.

I ran it again after getting a second key but didnt gain a cube during the process of doing it. Later that night I gained a cube doing AQ's then looked in my inventory and found I had gained 5 instead of the expected 1.

So I'm trying to figure out if I encountered some kind of glitch or if the Rappy Fever BQ does something like trigger bonus EX cubes on the next hit EXP threshold.

As the level cap gets higher, you get more Class Cubes when you over-level due to the amount of EXP needed to do so. Level 80 gives 5, level 85 will give 6, level 90 will give 7, and level 95 will give 10.

Guess I just wasn't paying attention to it on JP

Now here's the better question...will Rappy fever on pso2 day help you look for a Rappy egg? Lol

That's actually a good question.

@Noctosis If I am recalling correctly, the normal drop pool for the Rappies (including their seasonal variants) is not active for the Rappy Fever Bonus Quest, rather, the quest itself has its own specific drop pool. So you wouldn't be able to get a Rappy Egg drop at all in it or even any gear with ARKS Fever since they will only visually be ARKS Rappies, but without their special drops.