Hello again

I've seen that there's furniture just for decoration and some that let you interact with them. And there's also some that you can't interact with but I've heard it actually does something (like crafters and makers)

I can use some chairs, beds, sofas, and trick darts. But there is a lot of expensive furniture in the market, and their description is all the same: "Furnishing that can be placed on your Personal Quarters."

There's also those who can show your weapon camo (I think, I don't have it) or a symbol art, and I heard that there are some boxes that allow you to put anything you want and put the box in a friend's room (Do either I, He, or both need premium to use it?), so there's actually a lot of items that can be interacted with but I don't want to spend my currency trying luck with something that may not do anything.

Is there any list explaining which can be interacted with? If not, can you share with me the ones you know?