Hello, I m looking foreword to a premium ticket, and cannot access any means to buy ac or even... any kind of monetary setup.

I am playing on steam, and when I go to menu - ac shop - buy ac the button turns yellow for a second and then back to blue like it was clicked but nothing happens. Thank you plase.===

(edit ) resolved)) Steam has AC for sale on their apps store.

You should just have to go to the game's store page on Steam, click the AC you want and add it to the cart and buy it from there.

Just tried that didnt see anything.

Ha had to scroll the tiniest bit more but its there xD

@The-Law said in BUY AC " on STEAM (USA ) WONT LOAD:

Ha had to scroll the tiniest bit more but its there xD

yeah, the AC is in a separate section below the DLC section.

OMG! Thank you! Yaaas

I went to buy AC by I paid with a credit card and so far AC has not fallen yet it's been 3 days what should i do?

send a ticket, that's all info you can get from here, these kind of problems require to contact to the company and pass all info they gonna ask to validate the purchase

@上帝Yato plz lmk if it worked cause im haing the same problem