Volcanic Carnation Bugged

I started noticing that Volcanic Carnation wasn't causing gear regen during the wind up while Katana Gear was active.


Did the new Crafting update cause this to be bugged? I remember the PA causing gear regen while running Ultimate Lillipa during its RDR boost event, but now it does nothing. This is a pretty crucial skill, especially since Luther has Kazami no Tachi in his drop table now, so this should be fixed.

This is actually part of the newest Braver balance update: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/7068/fix-braver-focus-when-using-katana-braver-katana-broken-since-release-of-ep-4

Basically, due to the changes, all ways to increase Focus have been reduced, and that includes Kazami and the S-Grade Augment that shares its effect.