🍌 Leader: Bananas (BananaHand#4456) <------ add me on Discord!

🍌 Officers: Kawaii (second in command) Ship2full Gygrax Dman SpamMusabi

🍌 Type: Serious but chill (still focused on having fun and making new friends)

🍌 Active Timezone(s): Mainly EST but have members from all over.

🍌 Alliance Description: We focus on guild runs (AQ/Ultimates/Urgents/upcoming guild events). Our Tree buffs are all lv8. We are ranked top 5 in Rare Item Acquisition and Alliance Points.

🍌 Requirements: We're looking for ACTIVE, friendly players (level75+) who aim to play as a team, gear up and get better at the game! Must have Discord and willing to use it when we do runs together as an Alliance (no mic needed).

🍌 About Us: As the leader of the number one ranked guild in multiple games (EoS/SB/PWI to name a few), I decided to make one here as well. We established a few days after the P.C launch and aim to be a top guild here as well. Though now, as a married, working man, I am much more laid back than I used to be. I am just more interested in improving and having FUN now. guild-min.png chat-min.png