Potential for Nintendo Switch release in NA

Ok, so I already know that PSO2 will eventually be released in all other outlets. Xbox and PC already have it. And so far, Sega has finally started to listen to their fan base.

So, since the game is already in Japan on the Nintendo Switch, I've been checking to see how the Japanese been playing it. From the looks of it, the game on the switch is a cloud version and one of the good bright sides are the ability to play the game on the go.

The YouTube videos af some that have already played the game, show that the game is good to play. Of course that would be good in Japan, since their Internet connections tend to be a lot better than ours. Always has been.

So why am I posting an entry on this?

The reason is that I want to know if anyone would play PSO2 on the switch as a portable option.

Not only that, I have a friend of mine that plays games with the Switch.

And I want to bring all my IRL friends to this game too.

As a Switch owner... i'd definitely want to be able to play a game like PSO2 on the go, even if i'd need to be confined to a place with internet connectivity. That said... the only way PSO2 could be released on Switch outside of Japan would be if it were a proper port which given that even the upcoming New Genesis game, despite being made from the ground up, is planned to continue be Cloud-based... yeah, that aint happening.

I would like to clarify that the way PSO2 Cloud works is that the actual game client runs on cloud computers which stream their video to the Switch which in turn streams its input to the computer. Lag can result in there being input lag and the game's video becoming pixelated like a YouTube vid at low resolution.

These kinds of services are very common in Japan with franchises which have a bigger presence in the West yet not even those release due to the simply fact that networking infrastructure outside of Japan is a lot more inconsistent and there would be no guarantee that you would have a smooth experience playing the game. Resident Evil VII Cloud on Switch? Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cloud on Switch? Final Fantasy XIII Cloud on Mobile? All Japan exclusive... and keep in mind one of these titles is even Western developed. If none of these ever made their way outside of Japan... then what hope does PSO2 Cloud have?

The main way cloud gaming is rolling out outside of Japan is as part of unified services like Google Stadia, GeForce Now (of which PSO2 might be releasing on according to SteamDB) and Project xCloud as opposed to dedicated game specific cloud services.

Unless Project xCloud or Geforce Now can do some magic - be pretty rough to release PSO2 cloud gaming for a global community.

I think the cons of the current Switch cloud version was stated pretty well in your previous thread


If Sega tries to make this happen, I can see the next 2000 complain - threads already....

Given the US' internet infrastructure, I don't think it would work in the US in any capacity. It may work in some of the other countries that the global server provides service to, but I doubt it would function well in the US.

The switch version was pretty awful, but I hope they bring it over just for the cosmetic items.

I would dabble with it on my switch lite though id be amazed if the thing didn't explode.

@Nuebot said in Potential for Nintendo Switch release in NA:

The switch version was pretty awful,

Well it was being streamed to us from such a long distance and and as others have pointed out in different words, US cable companies are more interested in selling us an inferior "5G" infrastructure (5G here being an intentionally misleading buzzword that refers to 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals and has nothing to do with 5G Cell Phone signals) while charging us more for "5G" than Fiber Optic by trying to claim it's superior while Japan's government subsidized the fiber-optic network, of course it wasn't going to work well.