Pso2 missing Dreamcast mag and halo rewards and the weapon camo

Hi I've been playing pso2 since the beta came out I did all the urgent quests and stuff in the beta to qualify for the rewards and only received the 1st day rewards and I was wondering if I could get some assistance since I feel it's unfair for a beta player who's missing these rewards when they put the time in to stress test the game in its early stages

I've been trying to get in contact with Support about this issue since the Steam launch and have yet to see any help/results here on the forums or after ~two support mails sent. Am figuring in (my case it least) either the distribution outright failed, they disappeared due to something from the account link process, or I grabbed them from the Visiphone during a server connection issue/desync and they got eaten by the void even though it looked on my client like I got them successfully.

Between stuff I earned disappearing with no explanation and now around half a month of no response from support, I'm very disinclined making any cash purchases and risk it failing & taking my money or my items evaporating again with no hope of a Support response in sight were things to go wrong.