Did Anyone Get More Than Two Characters in the Persona Concert? +Last Day Schedule

Today's the last day for the concerts unless they decide to extend it after maintenance. Here's the final day schedule:

9:30AM(PDT) | 12:30PM(ADT) P5 Concert, 8:30PM(PDT) |11:30PM(ADT) P3 Concert

There was one time where I didn't participate in the minigame so I was able to see the crowd spawn Elizabeth on the stage in the last parts of the song. I feel like everyone would have a much better chance at it in much smaller crowds, especially if people with bad connections try to join in with a large crowd. I wonder how many people actually managed to get more than two characters to dance on stage, which is simply the main character dancing and only one of their friends will show up.

everyone that saw the concerts saw 2 characters is a feature of P3DM and P5DS that when fever happens another character appears in the stage so they kept the same feature in the concerts however is not random as is in the games

@Jamesmor So it's always supposed to be just two and not anymore. I suppose that makes sense. The P5 concert is about to start now.

Here's how it looked in the games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLMjWvquUiw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6Iwaz7S3Vw

The characters can wear different costumes similar to Project Diva (which I think these games run on the same engine as)