[Ship 1 NA] Synergy Alliance is recruiting , a fun, social alliance, semi-casual, all welcome with max tree buffs

Has the title says we are a fun and social alliance, we like to hang out, chat, do runs, and we regularly group together for MPA’s ( multi party areas) like UQs. We have every tree buff maxed except Meseta, which will be maxed within the week.

Doesn’t matter wether you’ve been playing the game since day 1, or only just started, we have plenty of people at various stages of play. We’re always happy to help out or answer questions. All we ask it’s that you are social, interact with other members and turn up to some UQs, once you’re a high enough level. If this sounds like an alliance for you you can leave me a message on here with with either you GT or player ID, or send me a message on Xbox live, or in game GT: Ten Square 3, player ID Shane D, main char Aerith.