Add arcades to Casino!

Remember when you could play old SEGA games in your home in Shenmue? Imagine that but in Arcade form in the Casino. We could have multiplayer and saved Highscores! Please sega do it and make them cost CC to play!

I wonder if Virtue Cop would be possible?

If it hasn't happened in Japan it probably won't happen here. Although...I would like to see a Sonic or NiGHTS themed pinball game as a cute lil reference to Sonic Adventure.

@Thedovahmon In a Dengeki inteview, they did say a casino update was on the list.

The inclusion of SA's pinball minigames would be rad.

Considering Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Classics exists on Steam, I doubt Sega would want to compete with it by letting people play some of those games in a free-to-play online game.

As for casino additions in general, I wouldn't be surprised if we got some kind of pinball game.

If they are going to expand the Casino with a new game, I wouldn't be surprised if it were pachinko. Maybe making it themed after a chibi Tagami since that is the only special rare enemy not represented in some way in the Casino.

@AndrlCh Pachinko, that would be interesting. Probably going to need to replace another row of Rappy Slots for those. Makes me laugh a bit to think we started with four rows of Rappy Slots to end up with just one.

What they certainly need to do, is fill this empty shop spot. It's been bugging me for years. (Or perhaps make it a corridor/teleport to an area.)