Mining base: question

Hello there, I've got two questions:

  1. What does the burst shield do?? I've activated it a lot of times and IMO it does nothing. The tower gets destroyed within a second even with the shield on.

  2. How much HP does the Energy Restore regen?? Is it a flat amount or something like flat amount + missing hp %??

I've been trying to do this quests multiple times and I still can't complete this question. The farthest I got was until the last boss decided to one-hit all three towers (with two of them with the BURST SHIELD on) with some kind of giant, slow and weird laser. Is there some kind of mechanic that I'm missing or any tip?


The Burst Shield creates a 15 second freezing barrier that also destroys infection cores on the tower. It has no damage nulification effect and is mostly just to crowd control swarms around the towers and destroy the aforementioned infection cores.

From what I can find, it looks like the Energy Restore recovers just 10% of the tower's max energy.

Adding a bit. The freeze effect of the burst barrier will work for mob enemies, but bosses appearing on Mining Base UQs have resistance to freeze. So the barrier is basically useless against bosses.

For the Apprentice's sweeping mega-laser attack on the later part of wave 6 of MB: Ending, a few players need to use the Photon Blaster of AISs to destroy the laser forming part of it (an eye on the end of a stick). If we failed to stop the mega-laser, it simply wipe away all of the remaining towers and we lose the UQ for certain.

If you somehow have a problem with DPS on Apprentice, just burn her twice (status) and tell everyone to ignore everything else. Me and a friend managed to pretty much kill her within these two burns (about 30-40 seconds into wave6) and end the wave before anything happens.

Thanks for answering!! I'll keep that in mind