Help with Account Link

Hello, I am trying to play the game for the first time and have found nothing about my problem. Unfortunately, I clicked away the instructions for linking to Steam because I thought it couldn't be as difficult like with all other games.

Unfortunately, when I'm in the menu I don't see an "Issue Account Link Code" or "Support Menu". I also registered with Steam on, but unfortunately I can't find an account link code on the site. And when i restart the game its all the same.

So what do I have to do so that I can link and play the game normally with my Steam account? I am afraid to start playing and then nothing will be saved.. Thank you for the help! alt text

Did you eve play the Windows Store version or XBOX One version and want to play with your character from that? If the answer is no, just ignore the Account Link and play. The account link is only for if you want to continue the Windows 10 or XBOX One version of the game on Steam.

@Ragnawind Okay thanks, i never played the game ^^

@Doungen said in Help with Account Link:

@Ragnawind Okay thanks, i never played the game ^^

yeah, in that case you can just ignore the account link.