[Ship 2] Coda - Active alliance - Semi Serious/Hardcore/Social [Discord: Voice Active] [Community Focused] [End Game Focused][Newbie Friendly/Vet Encouraged] [Events]

Name - CODA
Leader - Kybela (VERTEGREZ NOX#8956)
Manager - Kybela, Ibyx
Officer - Raindeavor (Danielle#5039)
Type - Semi-serious and hardcore, social, chill, engaging
Active Timezone (Peak hours) 4pm- 2am PST
Home Block(s) - Block 44 [also B7, 66 or 77]

Alliance Description: Coda is a tight knit PvX guild that is selectively recruiting new members. Coda is looking to recruit people who seek to play well, but wish to do so with good friends, no drama, and no toxicity. Here, you will check your ego at the door. We are an international guild, and welcome people from all over. We are looking for both semi-hardcore and hardcore members to join us. We want people that take the game seriously, but like a friendly, social environment as well. We are really focusing on all end game content, including pvp, and would love to get like-minded individuals. If you are a min/maxer, skilled player, and a person looking for a guild that cares about the well being of their members, then look no further. We are a group of chill individuals, and you will be among good company.

Leader played (FOmar) PSO ep1&2 for 10years offline, and briefly on JP. If you are New to Phantasy Star series OR already plan to be in it for the long haul, then you are most welcome to join our small but growing alliance!

Officer Position & Core spots currently available. We mainly grind Ultimate, SHAQ, or general endgame content, including Urgent Quests. We are "off-meta" friendly (custom-builds) & encourage others to enjoy their playtime!

Our discord is invite only, but will be given to you upon acceptance. We spend a lot of time in voice chat, and encourage you to join as well, but it's not mandatory. Joining discord though is required. We talk about everything from PSO2, to hobbies, to anime, tv shows, min-maxing, theory crafting, and more!

We are new player friendly,and try to lend a helping hand to those that need it.

What we offer:

• Friendly, supportive, mature, and active social environment.
• Laid back and tight knit group, with a collective end game focus.
• Planned parties and raids, as well as sporadic ones. Effort is made to include everyone.
• Active and engaging voice chat.
• Improvement focused members, who also are chill, and like to enjoy themselves, and company of those around them.
• In game events and gatherings, occasional contests for fun!
• Movie nights, game nights, and other out of game activities, to spend more time with your fellow guildies.
• Newbie friendly, but also encourage vets, and JP players to join!


• Active in discord
• Team player, and party focused
• Improvement focused
• Mature, respectful, drama free, helpful, positive vibes
• Helpful and communicative

Alliance Focus:

• Dailies
• Urgent Quests
• Extreme/Advanced Quests
• Ultimate Quests
• Event Farming
• Casual Events
• Casual Contests
• Game/movie nights

You may add VERTEGREZ NOX#8956 or Danielle#5039 on discord for an invite, or to ask any questions. Our pms are open, and you may contact without a request as well.

If you are interested, and have any questions, feel free to message on discord, or let us know here!

We are happy to see a good amount of interest in joining the alliance! Still open to new members, feel free to message on discord, or apply in game! We are all making good use of this event currently ;).


Can i join? im looking for a Alliance

@Sinkashumi Hello, yes of course, please add me at Danielle#5039, for a brief chat, and we'll get things going!

Still recruiting! Send us a message on discord if interested! Our pms are open!

Brooklynized here, your guild is what I look for. I fill the requirements, but I will let that be up to you. I currently on ship 4 and am okay to ship transfer to 2. Sent you a fr on discord. Looking forward to meeting you guys soon.

We have seen good traction with recruiting! We hope to see more interested players in the future. Feel free to message with questions. Again, pms are open, so you can just message on discord.

Are you looking for a new alliance? Don't be afraid to message us with questions. Everyone is friendly, and more than willing to help.

@Raindeavor Hey FearUnleashed here, I have been in the clan for a good two weeks everyone is active and friendly. We have discord with active members on voice channels. We run end game- mid game and low level quest. We have a little of everything here! Come check us out is a great environment to be in, we learn, get better and grow as a clan!

I’m Commander Shepard , and this is my favorite shop Alliance on the Citadel Ship02: Ur.

Serious talk: If you are looking for a fun and active Alliance and are trying to Group consistently to run missions ; then I suggest you give them a contact . Getting in may take some time , I was vetted for a week . But--I was hanging out on the Discord finding parties and chilling for the entire duration .

Most of the members are EST , but there are some others on PST and CST. I've seem them guide and strengthen Newbies , and gear farm with returning players.

I highly recommend if your in an inactive Alliance or new to the game .