Welcome this post will try and be short or as brief as it can be.

Velt Tech is looking for new members, most of the rules is just general rules you would normaly go by to not get banned from a game, but to key some out.

  • English speaking alliance ( speaking in other languages is not prohibited but english is needed because I can not help someone I can not communicate with. )

  • Respectful of others

  • Humor in the good sense

  • Keeping topics and disscussions civil

  • Ability to have your own views while respecting that others have their own

  • We will take the chatty and even the no so much chatty

  • Group or even solo playstyles

  • No flame bait, harassment, shaming, bullying, racist, or hate topics or discussions.

    • Those who get offended easy should not apply, as joking around is encouraged as long as it does not cross the line into harassment.

Velt Tech can be found on the list of recruting alliances and should be open for joining, and if intrested I if I can will try my best to help newcomers to the alliance. Please note that I am only one person so I can not realisticly be everywheres at once but I will try my best to help all new comers as I can.

With time I will also appoint officers, please do not ask to be a officer this could disqualify you from even getting considered.

My character is named Rui Brujah my online time is random and not in a set schedule.

Anyhow if intrested please look Velt Tech up.