Do Planet Crystals (eg Earth Crystal) drop from anything specific?

Just looking to see what specifically might drop planet crystals. Working on Timed Ability crafting

No, they just drop from any enemy on the respective planet. Pretty sure anyway.

Any enemy from specific planets.

Unfortunately, this makes Earth Crystals OBNOXIOUSLY hard to get. Your options are:

  1. VR Training (which didn't have that many EP4 enemies and you needed to run on low difficulty to not have the crystals overwritten from the loot at the end, and only comes in triggers)
  2. Las Vegas Expedition & Tokyo Expedition - these are your best chances if you can get a big lobby going for PSE bursting.
  3. Ridroid Quest - Haven't tested this enough but it does drop there.
  4. Tokyo Time Attack - Not that many enemies here though.
  5. Earth ARKS missions. Not really sure how to feel about this one yet, haven't tested either.

So yeah, your best bet for earth crystals is populated expedition lobbies (and by populated i mean populated without the use of auxiliaries) and getting a PSE burst. Good luck with that though.

Everything else, the best way to farm the crystals is literally just doing Advanced Quest PSE bursts right now.