What time Zone does this game use?

I have a character set for deletion and it says that it will be completed on [insert date] 20:50 so I am just trying to figure out when the slot will be free for me to make a new one.

For its updates, the game operates on PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) which is UTC -7. I expect when the US comes out of daylight savings it'll revert to PST (Pacific Standard Time) which is UTC -8.

Many but not all of the in-game time displays do convert to your local time though, so that may be your local time. Character deletions are exactly 24 hours so if you know when you requested deletion it should be the same time the following day.

Announcements on the website also appear to have started experimenting with automatic time conversion recently, which if anything is more confusing than just using PST/PDT because it's inconsistent and means we need to guess sometimes.


Thanks, for clearing that up 👍