¡I need help to play!

So, in first stance i couldn't download the game from the microsoft store, and it was horrible, so people said i could download it from the PS2 Tweaker (that what i did) i downloaded it (68GB) and then when i hit "start PSO2" it sends me to the Microsoft Store because "i need an app to open this file" and its PSO2 from the store, so, i thought i just needed to solve my problem with the store to play, so thats what i did. But when i fixed it and started PSO2 online from the tweaker again it send me back to the store and i had to DOWNLOAD the app again at the store, like why? somebody can help me?

Did you follow the install instructions from the Tweaker site exactly as they were written, including putting your machine in Developer Mode and using the powershell script from the Tweaker's install folder?

@AndrlCh Yes! i think i did everything that was in the guide, but can you explain me that about the powershell script?

@HawnsLee There were some files you had to download from the Tweaker's install tutorial and one of them was a powershell script that you had to run after downloading the game, and it was supposed to fix permissions and register the game as installed from the MS Store. I recommend you go back to the install tutorial and read everything carefully to see where you went wrong.

@AndrlCh Thank you so much, AndrlCh, i will.

@AndrlCh I had a problem with the powershell script, it sends me an error that i don't understand, do you know something about or you know someone that could help me?

@HawnsLee On the Tweaker's site, there should be a link to their discord. You should be able to get more detailed support there.

@AndrlCh The problem is that everytime i go to a discord invitation link it says the invitation is invalid 😕 are you in the server? can you invite me or something?

@HawnsLee I am not, and I cannot. Sorry.