From a fun game to a Cash Grab

@Amari-Kigu said in From a fun game to a Cash Grab:

There is a lot of ways to make money, it really depends how badly you want to do it.

  1. Aggressively play the market, this is the #1 way to get rich and always will be.

  2. Craft Nems/Slaves with valuable affixes and sell, risky but another good money maker.

  3. Buy AC and sell premium items. The classic whale route, guaranteed you'll make bank every new scratch.

  4. Alts, alts and more alts...oh and something called weekly missions/peitro etc.

I want to caution that unless one really has the dollars to throw away, it's best to limit the use of #3 to the purpose of obtaining initial capital for engaging in #1 or #2.

So either use #3 or #4 for the initial capital, then start doing #1 or #2.

The nature of inflation is that #4 will only get you so far. Sooner or later the dailies and weeklies are going to be worth so little it feels like a waste of time, even if you're really efficient and spend only 10-15 minutes per week on each alt (3-5 minutes a day for 2-3 days per week per alt).

Just have fun! This game doesn’t really revolve around competition arena style game play. It is a let’s chill game, get to know people Atmosphere guild goal organization.

Just have fun!

I’m pretty new to the game but I’ve participated in the past four AC scratches. Buying those tickets doesn’t guarantee a big payoff, I would really advise against trying to make any big profit from selling AC items.

The public will only pay what they think your item is worth. You can pay $50 and have an unlucky streak of items worth 200k-300k each. I participate in AC because I want the items for myself, very rarely do I get anything worth 20m+ and when I do, it’s even rarer that players will pay that much, competitive sellers slash at the price literally 24 hours a day. Your profits won’t ever be what you paid.

If you’re going to go this route, stick to one scratch at a time and hit that freebie ticket that lets you pick your item from the prize list.

You can earn millions of meseta by simply playing the game. Do your dailies, SH pays pretty well. Invest your $ into alts so you can turn in gathering items to the old man every week. Actively level those alts and get even more profits.

My latest batch of 22 AC scratch gave me 6m in profits. You could easily make that for free. No playing the market, not even needing premium. Just level all three free characters and play the game.

I don't see the game as much of a cash grab myself so far. Nothing feels mandatory for cash payments in order to play the game at all.

So far I paid a grand total of about $14, 7 for another character, and about that much for some AC to try my luck on 2 AC scratches. In both of those cases it was not mandatory at all. I tend to see cash grab games more like ones that limit things unless you pay, like how Star Wars old Republic treats the free players by penalizing Exp/ credit gains and a lot of other things unless you pay the monthly fee.

Share the love of the game and sometimes just give it away for free.

Only if they private message you! Love of the experience the game brings!

@Frathlir Exactly. There's some quality of life things you can get with AC like inventory and CO expansion, but it doesn't really stop you from playing if you don't have it.

I think of a cash grab the same way, where they hold content hostage or bombard us with ads and sales without any means of blocking it. PSO2 isn't heavily monetized though so there's not a lot of cash to grab in the first place. It really makes me think people have never experienced actual cash grabs if they think freemium and premium features alone constitutes one.

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 I have over 40billion meseta, and haven't truly used scratch tickets to do it. There is a lot of value in different items, you just need to know what to sell.

I kinda feel that way sometimes because of some simple things having to be charged with AC.