From a fun game to a Cash Grab

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@RainGnyu basically 14 and higher weapons can't be traded or sell then so you gonna need to farm for your weapon after a certain point

Seem like the drop rate has gone down. Hard to get 13 star now! Is it just me or has the drop rate been lowered?

Not sure if the game changed. Has been feeling the same from the very start. It may be a LITTLE bit of a hike on obtaining some things, but at least meseta is still fairly easy to get. Most I've had at any one time has been 40M, a pedestrian amount considering people floating on the billions by now. But even that small amount hasn't been an impediment for me to do most content.

I haven't bought any nem/slave weapon nor have found any from my ult quest runs. My characters have gear from either rising or unique badge shops. Those badges come from events and normal play and not from anything cash related. And they come with at least low tier but decent affixes. I haven't even looked at the player market for any gear needs ever since, and pretty much all my meseta since a month or two has been spent on the real end game.... Fashion!

So I can see the game being a cash grab for those wanting to shoot to the top quickly while doing 100k+ stable dps (which is already possible at the very top of the power creep heap). And I suppose the vast majority of the players are in this race. And you get more pressure if you are competitive or you are among people who won't wait for you to gear up. But given patience and time, the game still has a LOT of things to grab on and have fun with.

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 so look, the answer about Star Gem items not being tradeable. They are a F2P currency that you also can buy for real money. They aren't forcing you to purchase it. So with that, things like the fresh finds are basically items you can get with free currency. Your purpose isn't to sell all the clothes on your back. Most cosmetics and items are tradeable, doesn't particular matter which ones, as there are thousands of items that you can make your money from. If SG items were tradeable, many people would abuse the hell out of it and the market would be majorly impacted. Since I could make multiple accounts and just farm up tons of SG. Personally I know I could make 1.5-2k SG within a couple days per account

With the mission pass items not being tradeable, that's just how it goes. Why they decided it was full of untradeable items, nobody knows for sure. It being a cash grab really wouldn't make sense, especially since you get enough SG in the mission pass to buy the next one. While alot of the items from the mission pass were tradeable ac items in JP iirc, they aren't here. It's probably because for the mission pass items, you kinda have to put some work into them to obtain them. So the items not being tradeable is kinda justified, as they are meant for you. It's likely they followed every other battlepass made in any game that had it, where they aren't tradeable but account rewards for completing objectives.

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Unfortunately PSO2 has never been much of a challenging game. Aside from the fact NA has this weird power creep, even on JP the UQs and such are not difficult. PvP is a RNG unbalanced hacker mess. I am just hopeful that NGS fixes all of these things.

NA has a weird power creep because we have elements of ep 5 and 6 in our game that is supposed to be ep 4. That the orignal JP version never had at the same point. I played JP Pso2 in ep4, I don't remember hitting as hard as I do in the Global version in ep 4 at the same level in the jp ver during ep 4, if anything i'd be doing half the damage I can do now at that point.

There is also the issue of once your char is lv 40-50, you can use 12* nox weapons, which vastly out prefrom most other 12*'s and anything below it. They just need 425 melee or ranged or tech def depending on weapon type. If you have summoner sub, you could use its stat boost passives to probably get a 12* nox weapon on at level 20 if not earlier. There is pretty much 0 point to bothering with 10-11* weapons when you can just use a cheap as hell nox 12* they go from 30-100k on ships 1,2 and 3 for the most part. Nevermind the fact you can probably use that nox weapon many levels before the average 10*. This mostly ticks me off in uq's when I see lv 50-60's using a 10* piece of crap when they could be using a 12* Nox weapon with 200+ more attack.

The other problem is the again the power creep, once you get a nox weapon on at lv 40-50 (or earlier with Su sub), your dps kinda plateaus till you can affix units and get a 13* weapon like the Gix series. My ranger had a nox launcher/rifle at lv 45 or so, and my damage didn't really go up much at all till I hit 65 and got a Gix weapon on, or the collection sheet 13*'s. Would have gone up if I affixed units, but there is no point to doing that till you got a endgame unit set to work on.

If you play for free how is it a cash grab?

@RainGnyu Whether someone can play it for free or not is irrelevant to if something is a cash grab at best and actually aids it in doing so at worst. What determines if a game is a cash grab is the amount of effort put in it vs the level monetization they exhibit. Free to play games are more likely to be cash grabs than pay to play games, due to how the monetization in free to play games are often more predatory, luring people in with the idea of a free game and milking them through predatory tactics that take advantage of factors like the fear of missing out.

That being said, I wouldn't call PSO2 Global a cash grab. There are definitely signs of effort being put into it, from the usage of cloud servers, attempts of an IDOLA localization and its connectivity with the English version, the large number of campaigns, and so on. There have been issues with monetization and a lack of communication, yes; I won't deny that they seem to prioritize features that they can monetize by pushing them forward earlier than expected (SG Scratch being the biggest offender), and how they quickly take down the Fresh Find shop whenever items are tradable, but issues like SH Scaling and the SG Poster Bug seem to stick around (the latter having been shown to be a missing file issue). However, part of me feels that this is due to overall inexperience with a successful western management strategy (PSO:BB and PSU were kind of failures in this regard).

It is likely that there is a sub-team in the Phantasy Star Crew that is managing the NA version while the majority of the developers are working on NGS, as that is likely their highest priority. There is also likely a delay in the sub-team getting feedback due to it needing to be compiled and translated into Japanese by the support team before being sent to the developers in Sega of Japan.

So there can be a combination of greed, executive meddling, inexperience, and feedback congestion going on, causing issues. This isn't to say we should give them an easy pass, but that we need to temper our feedback with the idea that their current style of management, while incredibly inefficient, is due to the circumstances of the Global version's release. We need to be strict but fair. Hopefully things will get better when we reach parity or when NGS is released. There is a reason why I am hoping for a unified service, akin to that of FFXIV, as that can eliminate the feedback response delay.

Welcome to a f2p where all content is available. Gotta make their money somehow.

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Welcome to a f2p where all content is available. Gotta make their money somehow.


so ya we do get content wich got created for us to have fun - the developed content is completely free for us - just the monetization is an issue to some of the i guess we got some experts sitting in SEGAs headquarters deciding on the monetization of pso2

usually what players dislike: paying for a game paying for expansions - and then having an aweful monetization like "fashion behind paywalls" - nobody likes that stuff for a game they payed for

usually players dislike in f2p games: hardcore p2w a good monetization would be around fashion....pso2 offers said fashion but also offers a subscription based element wich is called "premium" - a sub wich enables you to have several advantages over none subscriber - such as 100% more effective crafting (3 additional crafting lines) - 50% tri boost - the ability to trade with others - the ability to take 20 more quests - the ability to sell in your private shop as long as you are a subscriber - some people would call premium p2w - i would call it very very mild p2w element not even worth noting....the only issue f2p ppl got is the trading aspect wich should not be behind a subscription even if its f2p

so is the monetization of pso2 a "cash grab" i would say no - we got star gems wich enables most of the outfits and is a f2p recource - we got tradeable AC fashion - and all of the content that should be fun to you as a fan of grindy arpgs and the major reason for you to enjoy pso2 is completly f2p as well - i would never call SEGA greedy or "predatory" once considering these aspects...and as "annoying" it must sound for f2p players....if you want to have additional and convenient things in the game...simply pay for those (excluding the trading aspect of premium service) - pso2 is hands down one of the least p2w monetized games i have played so far and therefor far from being a cashgrab

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 Don't waste your breathe. Look at the semantics these thirsty gatekeeping virgins are willing to go through to justify gambling and abuse. No, pretty sure he HAS explored all outlets, your just coping. Please explain to me how this game isn't a manipulative empty shell made to GOAT you into spending $10 to $20 a DAY for a one time FF item that unlike in JP (for which their differences there has been made NO reasonable excuse) where it is merely ADDED INTO CIRCULATION in the player shop!

(Also LOL at the guy who thinks a jank Freedom Wars pvp mode RIP OFF is GOOD! PVP NOBODY would play if they weren't gatekeeping Star Gems and Emotes behind it! That's called BAD CONTENT! It's the same bland matches AGAIN AND AGAIN with the same lame ass weapons because fuck balancing what you have!)

There is NO reason for time exclusive content other than to manipulate the consumer. This game was ONLY released to RUSH content before NGO and BLEED NA dry! It's a cash grab until their new service which will definitely have the same scummy marketing PSO2 NA has. The game is advertised as CHARACTER CREATOR above an ACTION MMO and even a damn JRPG! The reason NA's marketing is worse than JP's is because they literally couldn't get away with it there and at the time. When the game was introduced, things were FAR more humble and the game was tiny. They COULDN'T get away with making the monetization worse! BUT YOU ALL LET THEM IN THE NA VERSION BECAUSE YOU'LL GIVE SEGA THOUSANDS TO MAKE UR PP FEEL GUD MAN! Also the added high of knowing you no life'd long enough for Sega to drip feed you content that should instead just be circulating within the economy.

Now that they're wrapping PSO2 up, they release PSO2 NA to a DESPERATE player base and down right extort them, because fuck NA we need more money even though PSO2 JP is a fucking financial cow and SEGA is sitting on successful titles like PERSONA (which ALSO got over monetized!)

Then there's all the added fucking above, Premium Pass, Mission Pass, SG scratch costing double. Content being shot out the gate so only those who literally have nothing to do but sit at their computer all day long doing the same farming quest for no drops over and over and over. They also divided the communities to give Xbox players the advantage IN A FUCKING MMO PICTURE THAT. Then there were the AC cheaters who control probably all 3 vanilla ship's economies and they weren't penalized at all! Because again Sega JP DOESN'T CARE ABOUT NA! THEY ONLY TOOK THE FF DOWN BECAUSE PEOPLE COULD BUY THE ITEMS FROM PLAYERS LIKE JP! THEY WEREN'T EVEN PENALIZED OR HAD THE ITEM RECALLED AND THE PLAYER REIMBURSED! THIS SCREAAAAMS EEEAAAAAA LEVELS OF SCAM!

Sega JP hates the North American player base. I had someone suggest this level of corporate avarice was actually "generous!" Yeah I bet when you're an Xbox player and you have nothing to complain and are actively part of the problem, you would see being able to tower over others with gatekept gear as generous. Because that's why you play this game. It isn't for sitting in Nav Ults and praying for a Shooter and walking out with a thousand gix, it's not even for the combat. It's so you can then go back after even performing poorly last mission and say "Haha look what I got, bet you wish you paid Sega as much as I did and was a good little consumer never logging off and devoting every second to being Sega's cow!"

So enjoy raising actual billions in meseta for any good items. They strategically released the good shit en masse while the game was exclusive to Xbox and rife with cheating. Now you get to only ever have access to their back catalog of scratch items nobody ever really wanted and is kinda why they all sell for dirt. All because Microsoft paid Sega to ruin an MMO's economy for multiple countries (except their own omg how mean they'd never do that! Japan makes my weeb cartoons and all my wifes who i swear are totally real!)

I'm honestly done. Best part is when we all quit, we tried to put our weapons (pretty decent 6 slot nem cougar) for like 5k meseta so our friends or really anyone can take and use the weapon and when we did it DELETED the weapon and SPIT OUT 5k meseta. LOOK IT UP you can't even GIVE away something unless the recipient is paying $15 a month! a near 60m ERASED and the game DOESN'T WARN YOU!

Honorable mentions. Enough of the cop out argument of "WELL TEY COULD OB JUS NOT RELEASED IT DURR" no that was always in the cards especially with NGO and the fact that cosmetics (the only thing of value since mods and most gear is obsolete within weeks and in NGO) are the only thing really carrying over means that instead of just giving you the opportunity to collect outfits from PSO2 in NGO (because the items are confirmed ALL there) they released PSO2 and extort money from you, then slap on over priced gachas. Oh you also have less time to do it than JP too since we really need NGO a YEAR after PSO2! Also if they segmented the player base and the economy anyway with the whole Microsoft deal, then why the FUCK do they care about releasing NA same time as JP when they can just do the same thing again?! The "Oh they really need to unify the player base teehee" shit is a lie! WE'VE PROVEN THEY DON'T NEED TO LAUNCH AT THE SAME TIME! Fuck off. You're all so scared the slightest bit of criticism means they'll pull the game, then you go on to criticize other games FOR THE SAME THING! That's fucking Bias!

You all ruined PSO2 NA, good job. You bought into SEGA like it was your mother and attack anyone that doesn't validate your purchase.

Have fun spending $400 a month on a fake anime girl that will eventually get deleted when the servers die. You deserve the regret.

Just imagine being as worthless as a SEGA drone. Well I guess you have a worth, but only to SEGA.

NA is cash grab, they put a new scratch every week, JP each scratch is 2 weeks. JP SG scratch last for 6 months, on NA 1 month average. They increased drop of garbage 12* weapons on EQs (aka UQ) to nerf how much excube players can make, they probably never put a solo trigger to exchange for badge, but instead on Fresh Finds to buy with meseta to prevent mass excube farm from plebs (aka who doesn't buy AC). They know excube is life in this game (better than meseta since you can make meseta and other end game stuff with it) and the farm is a problem and a reality in JP that prevent players from wasting too much on AC, instead acquire enough meseta to buy from other players 50x times more fast than NA.

I can continue listing another dozens of problem why NA is cash grab atm, but i think i already made my point.

@FacetedChimp71 Why did you revive a topic that was already dead? No one posted in this thread for 21 days, and the discussion was already long over. They already "****ed off".

@Archetype-Luna said in From a fun game to a Cash Grab: That being said, I wouldn't call PSO2 Global a cash grab. There are definitely signs of effort being put into it, from the usage of cloud servers, attempts of an IDOLA localization and its connectivity with the English version.

IDOLA being localized doesn't have anything to do with pso2 Global, its another company managing it and the chances for it have some sort of link with Global is almost null.

@LordCloudStrife Indeed, while in a solo pd trigger on JP we can get atleast 45 to 50 excubes, in NA we get 30 top, thanks to those freakin 12* weapons. that makes me sad.

You make more money selling valuable affixes than whaling on fashion. That was always the case, and forever will be. If you don't think so, then all that means is that you don't know what is valuable or how to farm properly.

P.S. Nice necro.