Please someone help me... 2nd password trouble

Can someone please find some way to make this automated or please help me out..? It's been a week and 3-5 tickets submitted since I first encountered this problem. Worst of all, I don't even remember setting a password in the first place... @GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-Bleed @GM-Cheezpuff @GM-Cinder @GM-Deynger @GM-Hamed @GM-JJDragon @GM-Kchan

If it helps at all, the ticket codes are: 55499 55675 56191

Please, I really want to be able to take part in the game's player market, and even paid for the premium set so I could do so.

I sent in a ticket on the 9th and they still haven't responded to me. I'm going to send in anotehr, may we both have better luck. For reference my request code is 55090

i w8 9 days last request code is 56459