[Ship 1 NA] Hologang [Discord, Chill, Friendly] No requirements necessary! Looking for active players!

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I am the leader of a small alliance named Hologang on Ship 1. I am looking to get together a fun group of people to play PSO2 with!

About the Alliance:

I started this alliance back in the Xbox Closed Beta but it was not very active at that time. I am hoping to change that and get a lot more people involved! At the moment we have around 20 members but the more we grow the more that will change. The alliance is themed after Hololive so being a vtuber fan is a plus!

Requirements to join:

The requirements are very simple. All you need to do is just be a friendly and fun person to play with. Your level and gear does not matter whatsoever! If you are an experienced player then please be willing to help out any less experienced members of the alliance. (being a fan of Hololive is not a requirement)

Alliance Focus:

My goal of this alliance isn't for it to be super hardcore and end game focused. That doesn't mean that we won't do any endgame content or farming however. Just don't have the expectations that everyone in the guild will be hardcore about the game. The main purpose of this alliance is to have fun and go at your own pace.

How to contact me:

I am on PSO2 pretty frequently so anytime is a goodtime to message me. My PlayerID in PSO2 is Okonix, but since I am not always logged in Discord is probably a more direct way to get a hold of me. My Discord is Okonix#9023, feel free to message me at any time!

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We are at 20 members and are still recruiting!

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