[Ship 2 & EU] Phoenix Up recruiting! [Active, Friendly & Chill] [All welcome!]

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Hello there, fellow ARKS! We're Phoenix Up!

We’re a pretty chill alliance focused on enjoying the game, with active members who like to interact and enjoy the game together. We have a range of members from new to veteran and from casual to hardcore. We try to engage with all of the content as it comes out and we also share a group chat with some other alliances we use for missions recruiting and all other things you'd expect from your usual alliance!

We do not have any specific requirement to be part of the alliance, however we do expect you to be somewhat active and interact with the community. The goal is to create a fun environment for our members, where you have friends to chat and enjoy the game with.

Sparked your interest? Join us on Discord and lets us know you want to be part of our community! If you do not use Discord then apply through the Visiphone and we'll get back to you asap! https://discord.gg/SgJrWHS

We got a few more new faces recently and we just had a trigger party event! Looking to host more in the future. Also, bump!