Can't enter Personal Room

Choosing this function only causes my game to attempt to load indefinely. Currently running on an SSD and haven't had any significantly long load screens, but this one alone has somehow gone from being a few seconds to stalling into at least 3 minutes, but unsure of how long it would actually go on for. I wouldn't be so bothered by this, but it's making me unable to craft.

Steps taken

File Check Restart PC Another File check

The only thing that has change between when I was able to enter my room and now is a Windows Update, and hanging a glitched poster in my room. Gonna go ahead and try to reinstall while I sleep. Tried to submit a ticket or contact customer support but all that button seems to do is log me out, and prompt me to log back in. When I log back in, I press it again and it logs me back out.

Currently playing on the Stream Version. Going to update my Xbox and see if it has the same issue.

Glitched poster: Video of said issue:

Sorry for using external links, was unsure of how else to show proof of the issue.

To follow up, my Xbox install is having the same issue. Fresh Steam install hasn't fixed anything. Out of my hands at this point. The ball is in y'alls court now. There's no more information I can give that will fix this. The is no work around that I am aware of and for some reason, I can't seem to submit a ticket.

I can't access any crafting and that's kind of a big deal as a FO main. At this point I can honestly say I've encountered more issues and errors so far in EN than in over 2000 hours of JP. Please fix this. I'm not a programmer but I'm almost certain that what's happening is that upon entering the room, it's trying to render everything, but since my poster won't render it's just stalling out. With maint being Tuesday, I really hope this is fixed by then. I'm sure if it isn't, I'm just taking my wallet to some other hobby.

I'm really trying to hold back my frustration on this, but the fact that I can't even submit a ticket makes this very bothersome. All this information dropped and not a single reply. Kinda gross tbh.

Update: Finally managed to get a ticket in at least, now we wait. temporary fix. This will let you take it down until its fixed on their end.

The client is trying to load a file that does not exist and thus gets stuck in infinite load.

@Theuberclips I fucking love you, ty.