Can we get some more elaborate keyboard customization for NGS?

I'm talking about instead of using 1-0, F1-F10, Numpad 0-9 as "sets" of keys, allow all of them to be customized individually, assigned any key we like.

For example, I would have liked to customize my combat shortcuts to use 1234QERFZXCV, the menu windows to use Ctrl+1234QERFZXCV, the chat shortcuts to use Alt+1234QERFZXCV, and the sub-palette to use Shift+1234QERFZXCV.

I mean the last time I used 1-10 for combat (before PSO2) was like in 2002. Almost 20 years ago.

And then there are also people who prefer EDSF instead of WSAD, which would mean they also prefer keys around EDSF as shortcut keys.

Things like these are as big improvements as a new graphics engine and fingers moving, so it would be nice if in future reveals some hints can be given to this topic.